HeadStarterz 2.0: Season two begins

The first year is over. Season two is starting. And we actually missed crashing our first birthday party in August... How could that happen? Read here ;-)

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HeadStarterz 2.0: Season two begins

Normally we inform you here in depth about marketing and communication topics. But today, for once, it's about us! Even though it has been a few months, we would like to give you a short summary of our activities in the first year HeadStarterz . We also have some news about the latest changes at HeadStarterz.

What has happened so far

It has been more than 12 months since we started the adventure HeadStarterz in August 2018 after the taxlawfactory changed its name. A lot has happened. We have developed, improved our service, built in additional skills and, above all, implemented numerous exciting projects.

We have gone through a great development. Like many young companies, we too were looking for a clear line in our communication. In the meantime we have found our niche: HeadStarterz is THE partner for marketing and communication in the legal sector! And only there. This clarity has led to HeadStarterz undergoing a small restructuring.

We make an offer and take up a new one. Everything for an even better service!

But first things first:

We no longer do translations

HeadStarterz Larissa Wyss Tobias Steinemann  Philipp  Roth  Legal Marketing Legal Communication Website Design Strategy Switzerland

That's a novelty. Larissa Wyss, who headed this business unit, has left HeadStarterz at the start of the second season and is devoting herself to new challenges. Larissa was a valued part of our team. We thank Larissa very much for her valuable contribution during the first steps of our company.

We wish you, Larissa, much success on your further professional and private path.

HeadStarterz 2.0: Upgrade Legal Marketing

So where do we go from here? As I said: The offer of HeadStarterz has become more concrete. A new time is beginning for us. Our focus and core competence remains the marketing of legal services and content. In this area we are closing an existing gap in the legal industry.

Marketing of Legal Services and Legal Content!

We are convinced that we have found exactly the right setup for this. Here's why:

The initial situation in legal marketing

The world has become more complicated. This is also true for the legal industry: new competition, a crowded market, increasing demands from an intergenerational workforce, increasing digitization, a more demanding and better informed clientele. The list of challenges is long.

To meet these challenges, two things are needed for an effective marketing and positioning of legal services, content and people:

  1. Professional skills
  2. Industry knowledge

Professional skills for legal marketing

Marketing is a strategic discipline with interdisciplinary requirements. In addition to marketing know-how, knowledge in the areas of strategy, design, project management and technology is required. All of this plays together and should be considered from the beginning.

Industry knowledge: Know the legal work processes and stakeholders!

Our experience shows that effective marketing in the legal industry requires a deep understanding of the market and the requirements of all relevant stakeholders. One must understand the legal work processes of the present and the future in order to develop feasible concepts. Strategies and concepts often haunt law firms as paper tigers. These may sound nice, but due to practical problems they are not translated into reality. For example because they miss the target groups or they exceed the resources of the companies.

Only marketing concepts which are developed with reference to the professional skills as well as knowledge of the legal sector will lead to the goal in the end.

Well: Why HeadStarterz?

We have all these things together. As former lawyers, we already had knowledge of the industry through our own professional experience in law firms, Big4 and Corporate Legal.

noemi wüthrich graphic design web design marketing communication legal lawyer law firm corporate identity logo visual

We have acquired the professional skills or - and here the rabbit jumps out of the cylinder - we supplement them with qualified additions to our team.

We are very pleased to announce that from now on we will be working with Noëmi Wüthrich, owner of the graphic design studio Studio w+e Basel. Noëmi has been working as a graphic designer for companies and cultural institutions in Basel and Paris for more than 10 years. For four years she has been the owner of Studio w+e, which has had a Basel branch office in addition to Paris for two years. In this activity Noëmi focuses mainly on the conception and implementation of visual identities and branding strategies for companies, cultural institutions and events.

Thus, HeadStarterz combines the professional competencies in the areas of marketing, strategy, technology and design. We always work on your project as a team. Depending on the content and goal, we will provide you with the ideal HeadStarterz contact person. Regardless of who that is, you can be sure that we will always handle your request taking all aspects into account.

Implemented marketing and communication projects (examples)

We are very pleased that in our first year as HeadStarterz we have already felt great confidence in our competencies. We have achieved our goals and even exceeded expectations. Especially in the area of tax law we were able to position ourselves as one of the leading partners and implement many projects. Two examples to illustrate this:

The focus was on the conception, design and technical implementation of the publication platform zsis) - Centre for Swiss and International Tax Law. In cooperation with the Institute for Swiss and International Tax Law, we were allowed to develop this innovative tool. The platform was created in a short development period of around three months and went live on time on 1 April 2019. Since then, we at HeadStarterz have also been supporting the zsis) in terms of content together with the head of the editorial team, Prof. Dr. iur. Luzius Cavelti. The first months were extremely successful and we are happy that a steadily growing community of visitors regularly visits the platform and studies the monthly newsletter.

tax law zsis isis taxlaw marketing communication publication philipp roth tobias steinemann platform website design corporate legal law firm legal

Another major project occupied us in the area of knowledge management. We have been advising BDO AG for more than two years on the digitisation of knowledge management in the area of tax and law (approx. 100 employees). Our task was to define the requirements of the specialist department, design the solution and implement it in close cooperation with the internal BDO-IT. The aim of the project was to improve the exchange of knowledge and to integrate technical aids to simplify the start of work in the various legal work processes. The result is a personalised and individually adaptable work tool which allows employees to start all work steps from one place. It is now possible, for example, to start a search through various sources (e.g. internal documents, literature, legislation and case law) centrally and digitally. In September we were able to successfully release the project to the staff. As an interface between IT and the specialist department, we helped to design these technical solutions, which today support the employees at BDO throughout Switzerland.

Finally, we were also active with many law firms and tax consultants. The projects range from strategic marketing and communication consulting to the concrete implementation of technical and graphic work. We believe in the power of careful strategic planning in marketing. Every day we see that there is still great potential in this area, especially in the legal sector. As I said, however, a good strategy is worthless if it simply ends up in a drawer afterwards. That's why we always think one step further: the concrete added value for our clients! This is the result of a combination of strategic planning and the subsequent implementation of measures.

A comprehensive list of all references can be found here.

On with season two

The first year of HeadStarterz is over. Hopefully many more will follow. The second year is beginning and already now we know that exciting projects are coming up and we are already working hard on their implementation.

There are only nine and a half months left until the second birthday. We will celebrate it accordingly :-)!

We are also working on a new HeadStarterz website. Stay tuned! And please have a look at the - also new - website of Studio w+e. It is worth it!

So long - your HeadStarterz Noëmi , Philipp and Tobias