"You'd better be young, rich and healthy than old poor and sick"

The source of this quote is unknown. We notice it all too often: We can't have it all. In business, too, we have to make compromises and difficult decisions. How should my service be designed so that my customers buy it? How do I communicate the benefits of my service? What technology do I need? Making such decisions is hard work.

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"You'd better be young, rich and healthy than old poor and sick"

Have everything? Difficult

The source of the quote is unknown. So we don't know who said it. But who wouldn't want to be? "Young, rich and beautiful"? Unfortunately, it's hard to get all that. And above all, it's impossible to hold on to it permanently. Fortunately, that doesn't mean we have to be old, poor and sick. Our lives are full of compromises, trade-offs and decisions. And making them is hard (team) work. But in any case it is also time well invested, if it is done right.

Many companies have the same problem when designing their own products or services. They have the feeling that customers want it all: high quality, fast delivery, good service and low price. The positioning of their own products and services is a challenge. Not all needs of every customer can be satisfied. How do you decide which features to give to your service? Do you test whether these attributes effectively satisfy the needs of your target group? And: Are you sure that your current communication conveys these attributes in an understandable way?

First HeadStarterz-Note: As a rule, the clean segmentation of the various customer groups is already a massive help in addressing these issues.

Which technology is right for my law firm?

Compromises are also required in the choice of technology. Law firms and legal departments are now allowed to choose from a variety of possible technologies with different uses and purposes. It is not easy to estimate the concrete benefit for one's own company from the promises made by the providers. It takes time and a certain amount of expertise. Above all, however, the same applies here: You can't have everything. How do you proceed to ensure that in your digitisation efforts you make the changes that will bring the greatest financially viable benefits for your company?

Second HeadStarterz-Note: Legal Tech does not mean that it has to be a super-complex and expensive document automation platform. Even simple, general tools can bring significant improvements. At best, nothing new is required, but the use of existing technology can be optimized.

HeadStarterz also helps with law firm marketing

Legal Tech also helps in the marketing of legal services. The digitalisation of communication processes and the shift of discussions into virtual space have led to the need for technical support, especially in marketing. Today, effective legal marketing requires that the contents of communication are prepared in a technically, content-related and visually correct manner. The right technical implementation has two advantages:

  1. An internal efficiency gain: production and distribution is less costly and takes place in a resource-saving manner.
  2. An external effect: Your content reaches your target groups.

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