Law firm website: 3 benefits of good web design

The search for a name for your own business is not so easy. It takes a little patience, stamina and nerves. But it is worth it! Here is a short explanation why we are called what we are called.

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Law firm website: 3 benefits of good web design

We are living proof:

The much-cited cliché that lawyers cannot cope with digitalisation and new technologies is not true.

Consulting services in the areas of knowledge management, digitization and translations are important pillars of our core competencies (more on this in a later blog post). Part of our marketing core competence is web design. Correct: we can program. These are not whole software programs, but we have become a bit geeky. Looking back, the step from Roman law at university to HTML code seems very big. But: We really enjoy not only designing effective law firm websites for our clients, but also implementing them in a technically clean way. This way your website becomes an advantage for your business.

Law firm websites are not an easy communication medium. Everyone has one by now (on Instagram you can even find numerous French bulldogs with "their own" profile). The wrangling on the web is getting bigger and bigger. Google is rubbing its hands because everyone believes that by buying AdWords in the search results they can "buy up" themselves permanently. Customers are confused about the many offers. And the providers are standing on each other's feet. Especially among lawyers, the offers online are amazingly similar. Many lawyers have doubts about the effect of their firm's website ("It's all about personal relationships anyway"). They do not see the advantage. Consequently, they do not pay much attention to their digital business card. In the age of the three W's a fatal mistake! Especially since a good Internet presence does not have to be equally expensive - at least not with us.

By the way: Your law firm website is the center of your digital marketing. The functions and advantages of digital marketing, law firms learn in our workshop "Digital Marketing for Law Firms".

Here are the three most important reasons/advantages, why it is worthwhile to bet on a great website:

1. administer the contents of your law firm website yourself

With the right content management system, this is really easy.

Granted, Administration isn't exactly oozing with sex appeal. You could have started the list here for any other reason. But administration is important and often a reason why law firm websites are neglected.

Many service companies have outsourced the web design and programming of the website and thus lost control over it. The administration, including the management of all content is done externally. Here are two questions:

  • How much has your company spent on support for the law firm's website in the past year?
  • Even worse: How many content updates did you refrain from because they would have caused costs or it was too cumbersome to contact the external administrator?

A good website is a dynamic communication tool. But it also requires that you use it as such. We program websites out of conviction so that our customers can administer them internally. We only use systems that can be managed without any previous technical knowledge (i.e. also by us lawyers). Posting news, blog articles, uploading new employee profiles, showing or hiding certain elements or adding new competencies is no more complicated than creating a PowerPoint presentation.

This will keep your law firm website up-to-date and interesting. The audience likes it and clicks by again.

2. user experience: get your target group right through well thought-out web design

Now we're down to sex appeal. Websites are digital business cards and representation. It is clear: this representation must be appealing.

If the targeted customer lands on your own website, the competition really gets going: If my online presence looks exactly the same as that of the competition, it is ultimately pure coincidence whether the customer will contact me or the competition. We want to prevent this from happening and increase your chances of being contacted (and getting a new order). The clean conception of the website, appealing web design and a pleasant user guidance increase the chances of establishing contact noticeably.

3. google's deep pond: SEO starts with the construction of a website

On which page in the Google search results does your law firm website appear when you google for your areas of expertise?

To be honest, why does Google even bother to display search results on more than three pages? Who has ever searched there for a useful link? Actually, a deep pond of grey anonymity opens up behind page 1 (but guaranteed to open up after page 2). Therefore, it pays off to consider the Google ranking already during the web design and construction of the law firm's website. We optimize your website in this respect and work together with SEO specialists. Our service improves the performance of your website at Google noticeably. And all this without buying expensive AdWords.

Of course, personal contacts (especially for customer acquisition) are still central in the service sector. The website cannot and should not replace these relationships. But it is the way it is: everyone looks at the net first. The potential customers are well informed and even employees look at a company's website first before they decide on an application.

As far as law firm websites are concerned, one can certainly state Not all roads lead to Rome. But: We know the way there, because we have already been there (and by that we do not mean our lessons in Roman law at the university). At HeadStarterz we have specialized in the design and programming of websites for law firms and other service providers.

Interested? Send us an email at with the subject WebDesign.

Good to know: For the development of business websites, we prefer Webflow and Craft CMS - both systems are suitable for demanding and complex business websites. We would be happy to evaluate with you which CMS offer is the ideal conditions for your law firm website.