The "Expert Factor": More courage for human intelligence in legal marketing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. In marketing in particular, we are being overrun by new tools that are supposed to be "intelligent". It is just as difficult to maintain an overview as it is to determine the actual benefits of the tools. This article is a plea for human intelligence in legal marketing. Don't get the wrong idea: We're all-in when it comes to actual optimization through software. However, solving marketing solely with artificial intelligence is not a good idea. Why is that? The "expert factor"!

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The "Expert Factor": More courage for human intelligence in legal marketing

Without content, there is no digital marketing. This puts us under constant pressure. Lawyers have to write blog posts, post on social media and send out newsletters on top of their daily client work. What's worse: Even if you're productive, there are always others who are posting even more.

It's no wonder that many people expect artificial intelligence to make things a lot easier. Of course, there are good tools that actually help. But artificial intelligence is not (yet) a miracle cure. But that's not a bad thing – sometimes less really is more.

Marketing content supports you in two tasks:

  1. Lead generation: Users become aware of you through your content.
  2. Lead conversion: Good content creates trust and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Below we show you where and how artificial intelligence actually supports you and where your "expert factor" is a valuable investment!

Legal Marketing is Expert Marketing

The successful marketing of lawyers is based on building trust. Only where clients have the opportunity to build trust in a lawyer's claimed expertise will a purchase decision be made. As a client, I have to believe in the expertise of my lawyer.

True experts can reliably solve complex problems in their specialist area. They think creatively and achieve the best possible results for their clients. Clients pay the law firms' hourly rates for this.

The "Expert Factor" can be sold!

What does artificial intelligence do?

If we use artificial intelligence in lawyer marketing, we must be careful not to torpedo the trust we are aiming to build.

AI models are based on probabilities. Depending on the specific design, generative artificial intelligence also creates content based on the past, on what is known and calculates the probable answer to a query. Anyone who works with Chat GPT, for example, knows that real creativity looks different...

The output of AI is mostly flat, "centered" and soft-purged content for the general public. ChatGPT and co. don't "dare" to think anything new. It remains average and therefore often uninteresting.

This means that AI is not yet suitable for truly new thoughts, originality and creative ideas when creating content. ChatGPT lacks the required "expert factor" in this respect.

Your Goal: Produce More Stand-out Content

With generative AI, you can produce a lot of content very quickly. This looks good at first and may even generate a lot of visibility in the short term. However, the content does not necessarily help you to build trust in your expertise and therefore does nothing to increase the conversion of your leads.

Experts are characterized by their in-depth knowledge. They explain complex issues simply and manage to explain solutions to their target groups in an accessible way. Are you an expert? Then show it!

If you write your marketing content yourself (or at least extensively revise and sharpen it), this increases the chances that the texts and videos will actually be helpful. Your AI content blurs in the flood of available content.

There is so much content online. Is it really worth the effort?

Yes, for two reasons:

  1. The chance of a conversion (e.g. making contact) is much greater with a high-quality blog post than with content of average interest.
  2. The tools that determine visibility are getting better and better at judging what good content looks like. Good content is favored by Google and appears higher up in the search results.

If you use artificial intelligence in the creation of marketing content, make sure that the quality is right. The content should reflect your expert status and provide added value for your target groups. If your users quickly click back from your blog post to the Google search results, you will lose visibility and not achieve any conversions.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Even if AI has led to us generating more useless content in many areas (LinkedIn users know this...), it also has its advantages when used correctly. At HeadStarterz, we also make targeted use of AI. There are tools that are particularly helpful when it comes to reusing and repurposing existing content. However, we still write our content ourselves – including the texts in the Legal Marketing Blog.

How HeadStarterz Can Help!

We support companies in the legal sector in areas such as content marketing. For law firms, educational institutes and publishers, we develop effective strategies for the digital marketing of their services and products. The creation of content and optimization of processes (supported by technology) are among our core competencies.

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