5 Tips for B2B Websites

Companies that sell their products and services to other companies (B2B) are usually under a lot of pressure. The fight for customers and clients has long since taken place on the internet. In this article you will find 5 useful tips for successful B2B websites.

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5 Tips for B2B Websites

The Importance of a B2B Website

According to surveys, more than 80% of corporate customers research about potential suppliers online. If the website is not convincing, there is a high probability that no contact will be made. The company will never have the chance to correct this false impression.

We are all used to finding well-structured and attractively designed websites through our private surfing behaviour. We have come to expect these standards in a professional context as well.

A good B2B website supports the following processes in particular:

  • Virtual acquisition of users
  • Information about companies, people and offers
  • Generation of new leads
  • Thought Leadership
  • Contact
  • Content integration in other communication processes

Here are five practical tips for successful B2B websites.

Navigation, Structure and Design

In the B2B sector, users have even less time and patience.

No one in a professional environment will spend as long searching for suitable content as it takes Netflix users to choose the right film...

It is therefore worthwhile to structure the website content so that people can quickly find what they are looking for. Many B2B websites have large amounts of important content. The fact that this content is seen is crucial for the conversion of generated leads to buyers.

Your B2B website needs a comprehensible structure and a smart design.  

For the architecture of the page, we recommend no more than a handful of menu items on the first level of navigation. The remaining content can be distributed appropriately under these. In addition to vertical logic, we also recommend clever horizontal linking of content between the different pages.

In terms of design, one is particularly challenged. On the one hand, it is worthwhile to visually break away from the uniformity of other websites. On the other hand, users are used to certain standard processes from surfing other pages (e.g. menu placement, scrolling behaviour, forms, etc.). It is therefore important to consider simple processes to ensure that users navigate the website as intended.

Making Expertise Visible

We advise many companies in the "professional services" sector. Whether it's a law firm, tax consultancy, real estate agent or management consultant: selling the services is only successful if the users of the website recognise the expertise.

This is primarily a content-related task. What information do we need to make available to users and where? This can be our own content that is shared on the website: e.g. blogs, videos, articles in magazines, surveys/research, completed projects etc. In addition, credibility can be increased by content from third parties: e.g. references, awards, testimonials, certifications etc.

It is crucial that this content credibly substantiates the expertise. Without this evidence, these claims remain pure assertions!

SEO... More and More Important

Google is the queen of digital marketing. Those who position themselves well with Google can acquire users in exponential growth without additional effort.

How virtual lead generation works.

Essentially, this means nothing other than that we have to consider Google as an additional target group in marketing. Search engine optimisation (SEO for short) is a crucial component of B2B websites. SEO is a multi-layered discipline and if you want to rise in the Google rankings, you have to optimise continuously. Here are a few tips for SEO of B2B websites (not exhaustive):

  • Mobile friendly: Today, B2B websites must function on all devices. Google penalises pages that do not offer a responsive version for smartphones and tablets. Of course, the search engine makes no distinction between B2B and B2C websites.
  • Loading speed: Google does not like pages that load slowly. After all, waiting times are not user-friendly. "Slow" is interpreted very strictly: Only really fast websites receive bonus points.
  • Keywords: The relevant keywords should be integrated into the texts. You can find more information about keywords here.
  • Display of the website in the search results: How a website is displayed in the search results can be influenced. If you set the page title and the description text cleverly, you have an advantage. After all, it's no use just being displayed at the top if no one clicks on it!

Of course, there are other points to consider. At HeadStarterz, we support businesses with our SEO services.

Informative contents

Especially in the area of professional services, B2B websites need informative content. This is content that answers important questions for the target groups. They are thought leadership tools (i.e. helpful blogposts, whitepapers or videos).

This content can not only be integrated into the communication, but should also be cleverly placed on the website. In terms of content, the topics covered coincide with the focal points of the company's activities as well as with the problems of the target groups.

As a rule, it is a freely accessible library. Thus, the content is found by Google and acquires searchers there.

Premium content for lead generation

It is advisable to strategically publish "premium content". This is content that is free of charge, but not freely available. This content is more in-depth than blogposts and is only released for download in exchange for the email address. For the target groups, this content is really valuable. It is therefore justified that you get to know the users who want to obtain this content for free.

The premium content regularly provides you with valuable data from users – without you having to make any additional effort.

Of course, this form of lead generation only works if the other aspects of the B2B website have been implemented well. In particular, this concerns the topic of SEO and the freely accessible informative content. The latter plays a crucial role in the acquisition of users.

How HeadStarterz Can Help!

At HeadStarterz we specialise in the structuring, design and programming of professional B2B websites. We support companies from the strategic conception to the technical development of the last line of code. In doing so, we think strategically from the very beginning and take advantage of the tools of digital marketing.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone or email.