The "Facebook-ization" of LinkedIn

Have you read it on LinkedIn? Bilanz has published its ranking of the best law firms. Of course, this year's ranking also includes many law firms that have done a great job with their teams in the past year. All those who made it into this ranking deserve recognition and congratulations.

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The "Facebook-ization" of LinkedIn

The BILANZ ranking of the best law firms 2019 is now available - thanks LinkedIn!

Every year, BILANZ publishes the 20 most recommended law firms in 31 legal fields.

How do I know that this ranking has been published?

The answer comes from Silicon Valley and is called "LinkedIn". After the release of the latest ranking, the feed of my platform was flooded with posts of law firm profiles, lawyers who share this recognition with their network.

First and foremost, this actually shows that the platform works: The inclusion in the ranking is registered. LinkedIn as a professional network is of course perfectly suited to publicize this hard-earned fruit.

In principle, there is nothing to be said against this. After all, the employees of many companies are rightly proud of this award. Especially since it is a ranking based on recommendations from third parties.

More about the meaning of referrals/recommendations can be found here.

Is LinkedIn being "Facebook-ized"?

Even though these communications are important: they do not contribute much to the professional exchange. Those who try to inform themselves about certain topics will be increasingly disappointed - as with Facebook - also with LinkedIn. Few people in my LinkedIn network regularly post interesting content that I like to read or watch. This is not only true for me. Many people talk about a "Facebook-ization" of LinkedIn.

In the meantime, the topic has even been given its own Twitter account(@stateoflinkedin). On this account the best examples of this development will be published directly. For a smile: Here are a few LinkedIn posts that might be better off on Facebook...

One more to go:

Source: @stateoflinkedin -> if you need something to smile about, have a look at it :)

One thing is certain: There is a problem with the content and a development towards "Facebook" content on LinkedIn. By the way, since this morning (07.05.19) LinkedIn has also had the possibility of alternative reactions to Like. If you want, you can now clap your hands, hand out hearts, attach light bulbs or study instead of "thumbs up".

That's all the platform needed as a professional network...

Seriously: It's amazing that LinkedIn publishes few interesting articles

After all, LinkedIn is full of experienced professionals who would certainly have exciting content to share. The fact that we rarely read this content can only be related to the fact that many users still don't understand how digital marketing really works.

Success on social media is not measured by likes

Even though many of the posts listed above as examples have received a considerable number of likes and comments: To conclude from this that this is successful digital marketing would be a fatal conclusion.

Of course the number of Likes, Followers and Shares is important. But they are limited KPIs that say little about the real success of a post. 200 Likes are of no use to me if I get them from people who like my fairy tale but have no interest in me or my service.

Content is king: Also in digital marketing for law firms

The game in digital marketing is won by those who deliver interesting content. We are all part of an ongoing discussion. Every post on every platform is a contribution to this discussion. As we see with every social media visit: By far not all of these contributions are meaningful.

But the principle is clear. Only where I find really exciting content, I click past again. I only remember a person who has written something really helpful. An exciting blog post or LinkedIn post might not bring me as many likes as a supposedly inspiring "birthday cake encounter" with a homeless person on the sidewalk. But that doesn't matter either. Rich content reaches the interested target group and in some cases one like is enough to make the difference.

If you want to position yourself as an expert, you can still do so on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important platform for law firms. But it must be used properly and integrated into the overall marketing strategy. Anyone who uses social media platforms should above all think about the others: What would I be interested in if I were that person?

Usually this means: First of all, less talk about yourself.

Of course one should, may and must be able to rejoice in one's own successes with others. This also applies to LinkedIn. To counteract "Facebook-isation", however, this information should be used specifically. Here, too, you should always ask yourself: Is this really interesting for my target group? If the answer to this question is "no", the content on LinkedIn has basically lost nothing and would be better off on an internal blog.

And please don't misunderstand: The BILANZ ranking posts mentioned at the beginning are of course different from the above examples and certainly do not belong on "State of LinkedIn". This information is certainly relevant for the target groups of the law firms.

We at HeadStarterz congratulate all the lawyers who have been awarded the BILANZ prize.

How HeadStarterz can help!

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