Shutdown Diary: Day 3

Being satisfied with the current green. Getting to know colleagues from a different side. Being even more flexible. Day 3 in our shutdown diary.

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Shutdown Diary: Day 3

The lamentation of the office gum

It's only the third day of the shutdown. Yesterday we already missed an entry in our shutdown diary.

An extraordinary situation that forces many of us to stay at home. Us laptop workers, we are able to perform our daily tasks relatively well even in times of social distancing. The office rubbers still more or less fulfil their purpose. Nevertheless we like to lament. We feel locked up. Amazing: Many people like to complain when they have to go to the office to work, because they like to lie around at home and do nothing... The grass is always greener on the other side.

But the bizarre thing about the situation is that those who still have to work outside their own four walls would probably like to stay at home. Most of these people expose themselves to great danger. They risk contracting the virus that we would all like to keep far away from us. The matter is made even more complicated "thanks" to people who do not want to adhere to the concept of social distancing. They sit close together somewhere out in the sun and enjoy life. For whatever reason. These are special times. My thanks go to the people who still work outside and ensure the basic functions of our society. To the people who cannot hide from the virus. I know some of these people. And I look forward to seeing them all back safe and sound.

Online meetings and missed hairdresser visits

At HeadStarterz the operation continues more or less uninterrupted even outside of this shutdown diary. Of course, we also held all meetings online this week. Basically this works quite well. The discipline is great and everyone is trying to carry out these web meetings as efficiently as possible. The whole thing also gives us a sense of community. We are in the same boat. By the way, it is exciting to meet the family members of customers or business partners. Or to take a look in the background of the webcam to see the environment our colleagues work in during this time. What we regret: We should have visited a hairdresser before this shutdown. Depending on the duration of this social distancing it will be fun to watch how it develops. Maybe we'll be zooming and skyping like this soon:

If you have difficulties with setting up and rolling out online web meeting tools, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to support you with the implementation of Zoom, Skype etc. The most important thing with these tools is the clean structure and the process for the management. Where several people need to book meetings at the same time, there needs to be a clear regulation on how these digital meeting rooms are allocated. This is no different from the physical meeting rooms in the office.

It would be bad if an unknown client suddenly sat across from you because your work colleague started the wrong session and is now chatting to your client.

Flexibility and mental health

Now that all leisure activities are cancelled, we spend a lot of time at home. Those who do not have to take care of the children who are locked out of school suddenly have much more time. For example for a digital shutdown diary. Another advantage: You can slow down certain things. So take a break when the sun is shining on the balcony. Vitamin D and fresh air help against the threatening panic attacks. The work that was supposedly left behind during the actual working hours can be made up for in the evening. And on weekends the weather should not be rosy either.

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Stay safe, stay sane. And see you in our shutdown diary.