How can I acquire clients with LinkedIn?

It is probably the most common LinkedIn question from lawyers: How can I use this platform to successfully acquire new business? The following article is the first part of the answer to this question.

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How can I acquire clients with LinkedIn?

Understand your environment: The LinkedIn-Environment

Effective use of LinkedIn begins with an understanding of the environment. If you know the specifics, you will use LinkedIn much more efficiently.

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The Swiss law firm LinkedIn analysis 2021 by HeadStarterz.

Social Media Communication Channel

LinkedIn is a marketing and communication channel. It is not a sales tool, but a support to maintain the interaction with target groups along the entire sales cycle. LinkedIn becomes a successful platform when your targets perceive you as a Visible Expert. You will achieve this status as a lawyer if you succeed in observing the following points:

LinkedIn is a social network

We all use these platforms daily for different purposes. We like to forget their original purpose. LinkedIn is also about being social. As users on LinkedIn we are in a permanent exchange. We take part in discussions and maintain our virtual relationships.

As in "real life", communication on LinkedIn is therefore two-way. It actually helps here to remember the basic rules of human conversation. Those who only talk about themselves are not social. The same applies to people who are simply passive and do not share anything about themselves. Both strategies will not lead to success, neither offline nor online. Being social means that you have to give something in order to receive something. Only in this way can we become part of the discussion and position ourselves as visible experts in the dialogue. So it is not enough to talk only about yourself and your achievements.

Good communication includes not only speaking but also listening. LinkedIn gives good listeners the chance to get information about their target groups and to better understand their needs!

LinkedIn is a digital network

For lawyers, this means first and foremost that the addressees of communication are geographically unlimited. This means that LinkedIn is basically a very cost effective means of communication: your content reaches a large number of people quite easily. It is therefore worth investing in this communication.

And: LinkedIn is increasingly consumed on the move. That means: You can reach your contacts especially outside their professional environment.

LinkedIn is a business platform

Meanwhile many contents on LinkedIn have a private character. We keep seeing posts that are not related to business, but receive a large number of Likes and Comments. This could lead us to think that such posts are a successful strategy.

I do not believe that such content supports law firms in business development. Quantity certainly does not take precedence over quality in this field. That can generate visibility, but you don't become a Visible Expert with such posts.

LinkedIn is a business network and should remain so. It is all about professional appearance and the management of business contacts. That essentially means: Put on the shoes of your target audience and think about what is relevant content in their business context. These are the topics we should be looking at on LinkedIn. Then the other users will perceive us as experts.

The Swiss law firm LinkedIn analysis 2021 by HeadStarterz.

LinkedIn is content marketing

It's about content. Content marketing differs from classical advertising measures. We have already explained elsewhere why lawyers meet all the requirements to position themselves successfully via content marketing. Digital marketing is explicitly about placing content on the Internet in such a way that target groups can find it when they search for it.

Those who have followed the instructions above well know the needs and interests of their own target groups. From this knowledge, successful strategies can now be developed in terms of content. As an attorney, you will thus become a source of interesting content and can successfully position yourself as a Thought Leader or Visible Expert!

On LinkedIn, those lawyers who succeed in regularly communicating interesting and relevant content to their target groups will win.

With this the first steps have been taken. We have got to know and understood the environment on LinkedIn. The way to "Visible Expert" is paved. This is the basis for a successful use of LinkedIn in the acquisition of clients.