Why is there nobody calling you these days?

You are alone in the coffee break, your projects are at a standstill and your emails are not answered? It's summer vacation time. Or to paraphrase Max Raabe: "No one's calling you."

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Why is there nobody calling you these days?

Those who are not on holiday themselves usually spend quieter days in the office in July. The only noise is usually made by the whirring fan or the Nespresso machine.

Of course you can simply enjoy this peace and silence. After all, the next storm is sure to come. And there are plenty of fun fair weather activities. For example:

  • Swimming - the best flow is of course in the Rhine!
  • Eating plenty of ice cream - after all, real "coolness" comes from within;
  • Extensive aperitifs - why not start at noon already?
  • Hiking - that's healthy, kind of a workout and the best thing about it: You can take ice cream and aperitif with you and swimming is usually possible somewhere along the way.

This is all fun. But somebody's gotta do some work. For all those who don't get out of the office easily, here are three tips for working alone during the summertime.

Clean up your office again!

A tidy desk is liberating and creates space in your head! Your office colleagues will also be happy about this. Cleaning the screen, cleaning the keyboard, wiping the old scribbles off the whiteboard, adjusting the office chair properly, and so on. Clean as we do regularly (after all, you never know if the Queen might suddenly walk in):

Do something for the team!

It doesn't necessarily have to be something big. Smaller activities also help with team building. Your team will thank you when they all come back from holiday and you surprise them with a fun idea for a happening. After all, only together can you achieve big goals. But watch out, it doesn't work like that:


Finally, time for something left behind!

All year you complain that your internal projects are not progressing. And yet you would loooooove to be able to pause and think about such topics. Well, here is your chance - grab it. It's a window to think about the next step in your career, to question your own business plan, to discuss company strategy, to start new projects or to work on communication.

At HeadStarterz we have chosen this third option. Because an update of the website had been pending for a long time. Now we have used the somewhat quieter summer time and will be able to present a new digital presence in autumn. YEAH! We have also worked on further innovations. But we will not reveal more at this point. Everything at its time. Since you are all on vacation anyway, I guess nobody reads this anyway :).

Don't worry: Soon there will be hail of e-mails again, you will have to stand in line at the coffee machine again and the phone will interrupt you in a moment of total concentration again. Until then, the whole HeadStarterz team wishes you a pleasant and productive summer time!

By the way: If you don't know Max Raabe's song, you can close this knowledge gap on YouTube. Here's the video.