HeadStarterz: How we found our name

The search for a name for your own business is not so easy. It takes a little patience, stamina and nerves. But it is worth it! Here is a short explanation why we are called what we are called.

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HeadStarterz: How we found our name

Probably everyone who has ever founded a company knows this: The search for a name for a new business is not so easy.

What we do in terms of content, we tell you here!

We had a lot of ideas for the name. And where three minds think a lot, there's a lot of output. We went around in circles a few times, went astray and at a late hour we were still dealing with rather questionable word combinations. After all, we accumulated a respectable hodgepodge of very different terms in this way. Fortunately, besides a lot of madness, a nice pool of creative and funny ideas remained. But even from the supposedly strong suggestions unanimously deciding the name of our new baby was not easy.

Even in a good team, tastes differ and so we discussed each proposal intensively. Vetoes were hailing and it seemed that there was something wrong with every term. What remained was a manageable handful of proposals that convinced us. However, after checking the availability of trademark rights, domains and company names, the (almost) successful name search became complicated again a short time later. To pull hair. Compliqué. So we were back at the beginning again.  

But the beginning is actually not a bad place. Right from the beginning we liked one idea: the head start.

After all, it is our mission to generate a competitive edge in the market with our service for our customers. Our customers stand out from the competition through modern processes, clear positioning, targeted communication and team-based knowledge management. A head start and success through increased efficiency, greater customer proximity and sustainable use of the most valuable company assets: knowledge and experience!

Besides the importance of the lead, its translation into English is also interesting. Head start consists of two terms that are central and significant for us.  

The head is a storage space for knowledge and experience and thus precisely these elements, which we support our customers in managing. But the head is also the centre of creativity. And as problem solvers and process optimizers, we need a great deal of it.

The start as the second part of the word speaks to us from the heart. Starting is an action and stands for dynamics and action. With us, there are no long reports or hours of PowerPoint presentations. We get down to work, get started and work out tailor-made solutions with our clients. We do not waste time. Not our own and certainly not that of our clients. GO!

So we liked the Head Start. But unfortunately we didn't reach the finish with that. So how do we implement this term in a company name? At "The HeadStart Company", the commercial register had reservations. So we decided to switch to HeadStarters and give it a contemporary twist by replacing the "s" with a "z". This "z" is spoken like an "s". It is an expression of the fact that we stand for modern, contemporary solutions and take unconventional paths if they lead to the goal. We are also pragmatic: Our Z makes us unique. The most important domains were available and far and wide no other company with the same name is on the road. Google likes that and so do we!

We are pleased that with HeadStarterz we have found a name that embodies us as we are: uncomplicated, authentic, focused.

The name search was a special challenge, but certainly not our last and biggest challenge.

And here we are. We are HeadStarterz. Let's go for it!