12 Tips for Legal Content Marketing

Content is also important in legal marketing – we know that. But isn't there a useful overview of how lawyers and law firms can effectively market themselves and their content? There is! Here are 12 tips from HeadStarterz:

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12 Tips for Legal Content Marketing

The HeadStarterz Legal Content Marketing 12-Point Plan

1. Always Be Helpful

Everything you write or record should help your audience to overcome a challenge. Putting yourself first is not the goal. When you truly align yourself with your target's perspective, challenges, and goals, you create useful content.

2. Think and Act Strategically

Every piece of published content must serve an overall marketing strategy. Your communication should consistently express your core message and value proposition.

3. Be Brief

Avoid filler words, convoluted sentences, and long-winded phrases. If you want to convey a message, write only as much as is really necessary. Of course, certain topics deserve long articles. But you should only write a blog post with more than 800 words if you have good arguments for this length. Use subject lines and titles to quickly convey the essential content to users.‍

4. Use Newsletter

Email marketing is still effective. Our target groups (especially in B2B marketing) are permanently in their mailboxes. It needs a good concept, interesting content and clean recipient lists!

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5. Act Analytically

Use the available data to gain insights. This way you can learn and produce more of the successful content and eliminate ineffective content. Share these analytics with content creators. That way, they'll be better even as they write.‍

6. Observe Your Competition

Take a close look at what others are doing. Subscribe to newsletters and follow them on social media. This gives you inspiration and shows you where you might have gaps in your marketing strategy. Once you have analyzed the content, pick up meaningful ideas and produce better content!‍

7. Invest in Headlines

Headlines are important. They should be "catchy", describe the content and usually also have SEO relevance. So invest time in your headline. Especially for a blog post, it often decides about "click or no click"! Tip: Numbers in headlines often motivate to click.

8. Recycle Your Best Content

‍Youhave something to say, so don't just do it in one place. You can usually generate multiple formats from one piece of content: Blogpost, talks, LinkedIn posts, webinars.... If it's important, it's okay to repeat it. Tip: Good content can be communicated multiple times. For example: link an older, still relevant blogpost in a newsletter. Our "content sustainability and recycling" team will be happy to provide further tips on request.

9. Use Hashtags

These have also caught on at LinkedIn. Use a maximum of 5 hashtags per post.

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10. Perfect?

‍Ittakes some courage to expose yourself. Especially for lawyers it is unpleasant if there are mistakes in their newsletters, blogs or LinkedIn posts. Still, if you're happy, that's often good enough. Of course, you should proof-read and avoid embarrassment. But at some point, this thing has to go out. Chances are your content is already better than you think!‍

11. Place Your Content on Third-Party Websites

Your content can also have an impact on third-party websites. Guest posts on blogs give you access to a new audience and the backlink to your website serves valuable SEO purposes.

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12. Artificial Intelligence?

‍Dangerous. Advantage: You have produced a lot of content quickly. Disadvantage: The content is often generic and uninteresting. In addition, there are tools that can discover AI content. Tip: For collecting ideas and structuring texts it can be helpful. Nevertheless, we recommend to rewrite generously and to definitely add content to the texts.

How HeadStarterz Can Help!

We specialize in the strategic development and use of content in legal marketing. We place content in the best light, optimize its impact and ROI, develop efficient content creation processes with teams and individuals, and ensure it meets objectives.

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