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Strategic Marketing

Marketing is the most important discipline within a company – a task that goes far beyond communication. This is where decisions are made about what can be sold, how it is offered and communicated. We approach your goals strategically and solve problems effectively in the long term.

"Marketing is a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers" American Marketing Association, 2015

With this in mind, we advise you on the marketing of people, products, services and content.

Your Advantages with HeadStarterz

You gain functioning, modern business models, structured processes and sustainable problem solutions.


  • take an analytical approach,
  • advise personally and
  • bring a high level of service orientation to the table.
One of our core competences is the marketing of professional services. We have been at home in the service sector, especially in the legal industry, for over 10 years.

We also have a broad base. In addition to lawyers, we work with winemakers, ice cream virtuosos, IT geeks, construction site inspectors, consultancies and many more.

For questions: Our contact person Tobias is looking forward to hearing from you.


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